I love stumbling around the internet for new and compelling things, and I also love stumbling around outside and taking in the sights! Recently, I happened upon a very cool list of "untranslateable words" (that is, no direct word in English that means remotely the same thing), and one of the words on the list really caught my attention.

Komorebi (Japanese) - when sunlight filters through the trees - the interplay between the light and the leaves.

I have a great fondness and appreciation for nature, and I wish that I had more time to spend in it. There is something so entrancing about the varience in colors between dawn and dusk; the deep blues of a night sky speckled with more and more stars the farther away from the city you go; the coolness you feel in the shade of the trees that grows more prominent as you delve deeper into the wood. And yes, the sunlight that fights its way through the thick canapy of leaves is a delightful sight indeed.


It is mostly the sky, I think, that fascinates me so thoroughly. There is so much to be seen simply by looking up - and I think many others share this captivation with me. I catch myself nearly missing interstate exits just because I'm staring at the clouds. On nights (and days) when the moon is visible, I try my best to photograph it, but the pictures never really live up to my original perception. I wish my camera could capture exactly as my eyes see - I would be interested to know if anyone else sees precisely as I do (I'm sure that we all see a little differently, knowing that colorblindness exists).