Petrichor - the smell of earth after rain

Summer is fast approaching and the weather is turning unbearably hot again (for me, at least). Although there are things that I enjoy about all four seasons, fall and winter are probably dearest to me because of the cooler temperatures and my personal preference for constantly wearing multiple layers of clothing and nesting in blankets galore. I don't do well in the sweltering heat, and although the weather where I live doesn't hit extremes too often, it's very unpredictable and can really catch me off guard when, for example, yesterday was 72 degrees and overcast and today is 92 degrees without a cloud in the sky. You simply can't prepare for the weather here.

After it's been warm, or hot, and dry for days, there is nothing quite so satisfying as rainfall. As the cool water drips from the sky, steam begins to rise from pavement, and a scent rises from the ground. It smells like much needed nourishment, like relief, like the earth. The aroma that rises from dirt after the rain is known as Petrichor - the ethereal essence from the stones that form the surface of the earth. Language is such a beautiful thing, yes?