Anamnesis (noun) - a recalling to mind; reminiscence

Do you ever have weird moments, when listening to a song or watching a movie, where you can recall something so clearly from the past? This has been happening to me a lot recently, and I think it's amazing. I did a little research into senses being tied to memories, and what I found truly fascinated me! Smells especially hold a powerful ability to make us recall memories, and it seems like we tend to remember the very first time we caught a certain scent, so a lot of these memories will reach back to our childhoods.

super mario bros 3The smell of sugar cookies makes me think of playing Super Mario Bros 3 with my brother on our Nintendo. I remember distinctly sitting next to him on the floor in our den, with a tray of bunny-shaped cookies from Ukrops, taking turns going through the levels together as Mario and Luigi on an epic quest to save Princess Peach! Even at an early age, we knew how to find the Warp Whistle to skip between worlds. It is so much fun thinking back to our gaming sessions, and even more fun when my family dusts off the NES around the holidays for some old-fashioned fun!

Another strange sensation I've gotten happened recently while I was watching a movie from the 90s. It's a bit difficult to explain, but I'll try. You know how, in older movies, there will be sound effects for people's shoes tapping the ground as they walk, or doors squeaking open? You can tell that these sounds weren't organic during actual filming, but they were added later to sort of... enhance the audio. They're called "foley" sound effects. For whatever reason, hearing those sound effects transported me back to the first time I saw the film (which was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by the way. Radical!), and I could almost instantly recall the entire script without having watched the movie in years. Such a bizarre feeling!

Music is another thing that seems to be psychtied very strongly to memories for me. I tend to associate songs that I hear with television or movie scenes, particularly if the song itself was in the scene. For example, every time I hear "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles, I instantly think of the chase scene in the caveman episode of Scooby Doo. Whenever I hear "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe, I see Dr. Turk from Scrubs trying out for an airband. And whenever I hear anything by Tear for Fears, Shawn and Gus from Psych start dancing around in my head.

It is so fascinating how our minds hold on to different memories, and how they recall them at the most random moments! I love reliving these little bits from my past, and I hope to add many more memories that I can recall in the future!